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Version 0.9.0 of Portfolio Lite and other fun stuff

August 22, 2010 Leave a comment

So, right now I’m hard at work on version 0.9.0 of Portfolio Lite. It’s really coming along well. Here’s a few upcoming cool features I hope you’ll enjoy.

1) The ability to email photos (Pro will do it without a reference to the program)
2) Get more information and view stats on an album and image.
3) Hopefully a more intuitive interface
4) More galleries will be viewable.
5) A look at several features which will be available in the pro version.

There will be more cool stuff too, so hold on till I can get it out the door;-)The general idea is that this version will still have a few bugs, but will be a complete example of what will be coming out. I plan on fixing the bugs and releasing a 1.0 version before I really start working on the pro version (Alot of work is already done for the pro version, but, well, a bit more can’t hurt, so…)

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Status of Portfolio App

August 3, 2010 Leave a comment

So, I just thought I’d give you guys an update on my Portfolio App for Android and Smugmug.

The program is turning out really close to what I had imagined so far. I’ve managed to complete a series of accomplishments, including:

1) Image viewing from a URL
2) Pinch zooming/ panning of the image.
3) Using the SmugMug API to get the URL of the image.
4) Setting up a gallery view that shows the images from a gallery.
5) Allowing one to click on an image and see it in higher resolution. Clicking the back button goes back to the gallery view.

Things that still need to be done prior to a 1.0 release:
1) A view of all the galleries needs to be done for browsing between them (The current version only allows for browsing the last updated gallery).
2) I want a few more options to go backwards, I haven’t figured out all of those details yet.
3) I need to select an icon for the program
4) I’m going to create a splash screen that shows up while the program is loading. Right now it only shows a blank screen, not really good enough for most purposes.
5) I want an about screen, and probably info about the professional version.
6) A way to choose a user besides myself must be included.
7) More error handling, ie, what to do if Smugmug is down, there’s no internet connection available, etc.

Differences between the pro version and the free one:
1) The free version will probably default every time it’s loaded to my photo gallery, at least initially. The pro version will load a gallery of your choosing.
2) The free version will not allow you to log into your account. The pro version will allow it, with oAuth, allowing for viewing of private albums, and other fun features to come.
3) The pro version will eventually have many cool features to help the professional photographer and serious amateur.

Oh, and here’s a few screen shots from the Android emulator. Enjoy!