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Aardvark Joe’s Evil Game

So, it’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted, and I thought it’s time to post a note about Aardvark Joe’s Evil Game, our newest adventure.

Aardvark Joe’s Evil Game is basically a memory game. It starts out with simply pressing the number that you see appear at the top. This continues until you reach a certain number, or time runs out. Then the first level is over, and the game gets more interesting.


When a new level starts, then something odd happens. Instead of simply pushing the number that you see, a change has been made. In the example below, if the number 8 appears, you must select 3 instead.


Currently, Aardvark Joe’s Evil Game is at over 1000 downloads, and is at version 0.6.3. It has generally been well received, by those who have given it a good chance.

Right now, I need your help. I anticipate releasing version 0.6.4 soon. With it, I’m hoping to do some research to tweak the game. I’m trying to find out, is the game too easy, too hard, or just right?

I should also add, I have a lot of things to come with Aardvark Joe. I hope to be able to release them soon, but in large it depends on You. Thank you for your support!

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