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Recent Developments

January 3, 2013 Leave a comment

So, here’s a bit of recent news for you all. I hope you enjoy.

Portfolio has been pulled from the marketplace. Simply put, when I was building Aardvark Joe’s Evil Game, I realized how poor of an application it was, there was many better competitors, and I decided to remove it. If there is any interest, I’ll start it up again, and make it better. But for now, it’s on hold.

Aardvark Joe’s Evil Game continues to make it’s rounds. It’s slowly but surely improving, and is actually becoming quite the decent program, if I do say so myself. I have recently put in place changes for additional compatibility, it looks well on small tablets. It has continued to improve in graphics, and now is more challenging if you get beyond level 7, to make it even more interesting.

I’ve also released a new project, which I am very excited about. The project is called Psychic Tester. It will detect if you have psychic abilities. Right now it is fairly limited, namely only testing if you can detect subliminal messages or predict a future random number, but there are going to be some really interesting tests coming soon.